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10 Ways to Avoid a Car Accident

Car accidents can be devastatingly tragic, but even the minor ones can be quite costly to the vehicle, drivers, passengers, and environment. Car accidents are one of the leading causes of deaths in America. They are claiming over 3,000 lives per year. Most accidents are minor, such as sideswipes and rear- end hits. Vehicles can fail and cause an accident in a number of ways, such as a blown tire, worn brakes, broken windshield wiper.. To avoid these unexpected situations, always have your vehicle maintained on a regular basis.
There are several steps you can take to avoid a car accident:

  1. Check that your car has no problem for driving. Make sure the warning lights are off before you start the engine, such as the gas line, engine coolant, and engine light. Check and make sure the tires lines and air are good enough. Adjust your side mirrors and rear
    view mirror so that you can see as much of the road behind you as possible.
  2. Don’t stare at anything for too long. Pay attention to the flow of traffic so that you can anticipate any
    changes. Often you can be made aware of an emergency just by watching the flow of the vehicles
    several yards in front of you.
  3. Know your blindspots and check them every time you change lanes or execute a turn. Blindspots are
    why you should always turn your head to make sure a lane is clear before moving over.
  4. Most highway accidents occur in the fast lane. Avoid the fast lane by using either the center or right
    lanes whenever possible. These lanes give you the most available escape routes should an
    emergency situation arise.
  5. Keep a safe distance. It is recommended to maintain at least a 3-second lead between you and the
    vehicle in front at all times and 5-seconds during bad weather. When you push the brake, it takes a few
    seconds to stop the car because of the time it takes to react, think, and push the brake.
  6. Hazardous road conditions caused by poor weather involving ice, snow, fog, and rain are dangerous
    no matter what type of vehicle or how good a driver you are.
  7. Keep a watchful eye. There are other people on the road too. There’s always side streets and parking
    areas where people can just pull out without you noticing. Children, pets, joggers, and bikers can
    appear rather suddenly, so it is best to be on the lookout for them at all times.
  8. Excessive speed reduces your reaction time and increases the likelihood of an accident. Most people
    have accidents because they don’t follow the laws.
  9. Not everyone pays attention. Use the signal lights before you change lanes. When you use the signal lights, you are also warning everyone that you want to change your lanes.
  10. Plan your driving. You may choose to take a longer route but one with less traffic or is technically easier to go.

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