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How to use our estimate form

Everybody knows that knowledge is power. Our estimate will give you an idea of how much the repair on your vehicle should actually cost. Armed with this information, you can now be confident that you are not being taken advantage of when choosing a repair shop.

Using your camera, tablet or cell phone, shoot some photos of the damage on your vehicle. Also shoot a photo of your VIN# which is located at bottom of driver’s side of windshield.

Upload up to 6 photos using our Estimate form, as well as your contact information and VIN #. If you already have an estimate, please upload that as well.  You can use your computer, tablet or smartphone!

In-Person Estimates

Once Car Consultants receives your photos and information, we will reach out for a consultation and the best approach for estimating your vehicle. In some cases, the full extent of the damage may not show in photos alone, and may require an in-person estimate.  We will be in touch soon!

Estimates with a PreScan

Car Consultant’s Estimate with PreScan readout is the next step in the evolution of auto repairs estimates. Car Consultant’s PreScan, uses factory scanner tools to check any potential problem codes stored in your vehicle’s computer. We can see potential problems with the repairs without a complete disassembly of the vehicle. An estimate with PreScan is recommended for newer vehicle where there are warning lights on.

Pricing is based on time and or % of additional funds secured.

Need help reading an estimate?

Car Consultants offers a guide to help you understand the terminology used in estimates.

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