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Safe Spring Driving Tips

Seasonal showers, migrating animals, and poor road conditions can create unpleasant complications out on the road. Be prepared for spring’s driving challenges:

Spring weather can be unpredictable. If caught in a severe storm that makes driving hazardous, find a safe place to park until weather conditions improve.

Slippery roads increase the distance it takes to stop (up to 4 times normal stopping distance).

Expect more construction. When snow melts, road repairs begin.

Spring also brings cyclists and motorcyclists out of hibernation.

Expect more animals during the early morning and evening when animals are most active.

Spring means seasonal allergies. Over-the-counter allergy drugs can have side effects or interact with other medications to diminish your driving ability.

And don’t forget! Spring is the perfect time to visit your mechanic. Check fluid levels, tire pressure, suspension system and brakes to help reduce risk of a breakdown. Check your wiper blades and replace them if necessary (usually once a year).

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